the DiVine Wine Tours - custom wine tours in Tuscany and Italy

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we advise customers to plan their tour, book our services and hotel accommodation well in advance; especially if they plan to come in the month of May, September, October which are the most requested months by our customers and generally, even periods of high tourist season in Italy, especially for Tuscany

pls fill all the mandatory fields in the no obligation booking form ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE FOR YOUR WINE TOUR and send it to us; that will make easier for us to design the right offer for you; we will back to you as soon as possible; even better if you give us a call, that will help to establish a direct contact between the clients and us

Pls NOTICE: we are NOT travel agents, but free-lance travel consultants, wine experts and tour operator. Therefore we do NOT provide air tickets, nor travel or cancellation assurance. Clients might eventually ask their local travel agent, to take care of these aspects of the tour, including if necessary, collecting the money and acting with us, as an “official” partner in the organization of the tour

Contract: when the group leader would be able to collect a minimum number of participants on a tour, we will send an agreement (= proforma invoice), containing the terms of payment, cancellation, responsibilities, our bank info etc. Let’s anticipate just some important details:

1) account payment: in order to confirm all the bookings and services, as soon as the tour is confirmed, upon receiving our pro-forma invoice, we request the partner agent, or group leader, to forward to us, via bank money transfer, 50% of the total amount, as confirmation account payment. The remaining balance is due 30 days before arrival.

pls NOTICE no info about the wineries, nor about the accommodation (except pictures) we selected for the group, will be released, before receiving the account payment.

2) cancellation policy: generally for possible cancellation of a single person or of the all group, we refer to what established by Italian law; in any case, a cancellation fee of 100% of the account payment will be applied no matter when the cancellation of the entire tour was communicated. However, we and the holiday resort, would offer the guests the opportunity not to waste the account payment, booking our services and the same accommodation, in any alternative period, depending on availability. In case of last minute cancellation (3 weeks before arrival) or no show, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total amount will be applied

3) disclaiming policy: clients must provide themselves a valid travelling and health assurance; us, as simply travel consultants, in any case, would not be hold responsible for any moral, material, economic, physical, psychological damage, caused or suffered by the clients, to whom we simply suggested accommodations to stay, locations to go and itineraries to follow